Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

More on Bale

I guess I was the last person to talk about the Bale incident. Apparently, it made huge waves on February 3. So much so that it was even featured on one of the websites in my links section, Mashable. I find that kind of strange cos Mashable normally deals with new mobile apps or online music services or social media in general.

They call Bale's rant a "social media going mainstream" event. Sorry, but I don't get it. What does Bale's meltdown have to do with social media? The audio file was first posted on gossip site TMZ, not by a blogger or facebook user or something similar. I guess what Mashable means is that people talked about it very much using social media such as Twitter. I still find it strange.

A day later, Mashable asked the same questions that came to my mind in the entry I posted yesterday, i.e., was it all a publicity stunt? I still believe it wasn't because this is Christian Bale we're talking about. He's always been a very private person who hardly ever attends awards shows or parties and still hasn't officially released the name of his daughter. Since he became part of the new Batman franchise, he's become a much bigger name than before and has been seen more at movie biz events (at least that's my impression). But I still won't believe that he would have agreed to letting that tape be used to promote Terminator 4 because it really puts him in a VERY bad light. Yes, there are those that say even bad press is good press, but Bale really doesn't need that. He's probably in a better position as far as being able to chose his film projects goes than ever before. And as I said, he's not someone who enjoys the limelight.

What might be possible (as I mentioned yesterday) is that the studio couldn't stop the tape from being put online and forced him to apologize. The standard way would probably be an official statement, but maybe making him call in on a radio station is version 2.0 of that. Hm. I'm not sure, but here, too, I like to believe that Bale wouldn't be part of such a manipulation.

I guess I still care more about him than I thought. But it's not just that, it's also that I don't like to be manipulated by the media and that I'm curious to find out the truth behind stories - which is hard because I'm just a normal person with hardly more knowledge about what really goes on behind the scenes of the media businees than most people.

Rambling mode over. Move along and enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. Hey, I totally agree with you. I am not going to defend or justify his bad manners, but I don't really believe that he is taking part in such a farce to promote the new film. He may be a lot of things, but he simply is not that kind of public person.

  2. I have the ultimate hilarious contribution to the "Bale on set" thing:

    Internet is best, when it's self-referencing... :-)

  3. Un-fucking-believable. Thanks. Saugeil. Kinder nerven. Hehe. Simmer schon da? I thought the boy was going to vomit.
    Language mash-up. : ) Sorry.

    And Elphaba: Hola! Gracias por agreeing with me! More language mash-up ... sigh ... am tired.

  4. I didn't know anything about it! Thanks for writing about it! Wow.
    But I also think that he is not doing it to promote the new film. Really, I think he is not like this.


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