Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

Music awards and some random stuff

Just some random stuff:

Wanted to post my thoughts on the Grammy Awards even though it's been a couple of weeks now. Anyway: Coldplay totally deserved to win song of the year (or was it record of the year? The categories are kind of confusing with song, record, and album) for Viva la Vida because that song manages to make you smile even if you've been crying 5 minutes before. And of course because Coldplay rock anyway. Can't understand why they didn't win anything at the Brit Awards this week. But back to the Grammys. Jonas Brothers sucked even more than I expected. Katy Perry can't sing, especially not when she's jumping around at the same time. The performances I enjoyed were Justin Timberlake with Al Green, Neil Diamond, Radiohead, Kanye West & Estelle and the Motown medley by some old and some young guys.

Speaking of the Brit Awards, they were not shown on German TV so I only read about them - and watched Kings of Leon play Use somebody on YouTube. They rock, too. And Duffy deserved to win.

Tonight, the German music award show Echo took place (and is still going on on the telly behind me). Don't think anything of interest happened. Oh no, wait, Razorlight performed Wire to Wire which I loved.

Will tape the Oscars tomorrow night. Hugh Jackman, yay!

What else? It's still very cold and snowy here. I still haven't taken my car to a place where the electronics problems might be fixed. I still haven't planned any vacation for this year and I still haven't bought any boots or ski pants for the weekend in the snow I'm supposed to go on in mid-March with my co-workers although I so don't feel like it. Argh.

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