Samstag, 7. Februar 2009

How often can you say the f-word in 4 minutes?

Very often, apparently. So, what am I talking about? Christian Bale totally freaking out on the set of Terminator 4 a.k.a. Terminator: Salvation back in July. One report of the original incident here. I think what happened was that the director of photography walked through the background of a scene they were just shooting and Christian didn’t like that at all, to say the least.

Now, why does this matter more than half a year later? Because now the audio to go with Christian’s rant has become available. It goes on for more than FOUR MINUTES. And as I said, the f-word is in it probably 100 times, if not 1000. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been a long-time fan of Christian’s and am not surprised or shocked because he is known to be very intense. What I find interesting is his accent, which now seems to be a mixture of English and American. Okay, so everybody is appalled by Christian’s behaviour and the incident was even reported on German TV (Exklusiv on RTL). Whatever. Let’s move on to the good sides of the story:

The remix. I find it hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing when I heard it.

The mash-up: Maybe even funnier. It mashes the trailer for Disney musical Newsies (the first film I saw Christian in back in 1992– awww, so cute!) with bits of the remixed meltdown. Simply amazing.

His apology: He actually called in on an L.A. radio show himself and tried to explain everything. Wow. I mean, he could have just made his agent release a statement or something similar. But no, not him. As I said, he’s intense and passionate and real because he’s not perfect and makes mistakes like everybody else. Okay, if I was more cynical than I am I could say this was just a way to promote the Terminator movie because he does say how great it turned out and so on. Or I could say he was forced by the studio to apologize in public. But I’m not that cynical (yet) and I do want to give him the benefit of the doubt and I like to believe that he is genuine. I'm not sure I'd want to run into him on a bad day cos I believe he can be a little scary, but I continue to see him as a good guy deep down. Yup. And his explanation that they were filming a difficult scene where he was trying to portray a certain craziness does make sense. End of my praise of the wonderfulness that in my eyes is CB. : )

Okay, have to add something: there's another clip which I don't find very funny, to be honest (most of all because I don't know who Bill O'Reilly is) but if you scroll down to the comments, you'll find someone saying "Christian Bale has nothing on Klaus Kinski." with a link to a YouTube clip of Klaus Kinski going off against director Werner Herzog back in the 70s (?). Oh boy, it's a small world. Here's why: just yesterday in the office, my boss brought that up. I can't remember at all in what context, but he started walking from his office to his co-worker's office (with my room being in the middle between the 2) and he was talking about crazy Klaus Kinski freaking out on sets and not answering questions on talk shows etc. I think there's a whole documentary feature about Herzog's and Kinski's difficult times on the set of a film called Aguirre. So when my boss brought this up, what came to my mind was of course that CB has also worked with Werner Herzog - on a film called Rescue Dawn. I haven't seen it and it's just been released on DVD here I think. Hm. Small world, isn't it? Everything's connected. Sigh.

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