Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

The Mentalist season 3 premiere

The first ep of season 3 of The Mentalist aired last Sunday on German TV. The show succeeds in maintaining a very high quality IMO. (In contrast to other shows where I found only the first seasons really good - such as The O.C., Lost, etc.)

What I enjoy is - of course - Simon Baker's charm as Patrick Jane and his bickering with female agent Lisbon. Yes, it's the same in almost all episodes, but it's done very well and doesn't feel repetitive to me.

The characters are all interesting, in fact. Cho's dry humour with his hilarious one-liners always make me laugh. His scenes with Rigsby are fun, too. And of course I love Rigsby and Van Pelt and am curious what will happen with them this season. (They were a couple for a short time in season 2, then their relationship was found out and Van Pelt decided to break it off instead of being transferred, I think.)

The murder cases are quite interesting most of the time, too. It's not too obvious who did it and the viewer can guess with the team.

The Red John thing from Jane's past is still a mystery to me and adds depth and sadness and all sorts of other characteristics to the character of Patrick Jane.

Blah. I've lost my point if I ever had one. Argh. Must edit this later.

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