Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

The Oscars, Part 2

I realized that I forgot some things in my previous post. So here they are:

I was surprised (and in some cases disappointed) not to see certain people at the awards (especially winners from recent years). Maybe they were there, but not shown? Or I missed them because I didn't pay enough attention. Or they were not in any of the nominated films and therefore not invited? I have no idea. But here's the list:

Kate Winslet, Clive Owen, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Jeff Bridges, Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio.

I'm sure I've forgotten many others, but those are the ones that came to my mind first.

I also wanted to add that I liked the theme of the show. As I've written before in relation to beauty companies, retro is "in". The old-fashioned movie theatre backdrop was beautiful.

And I liked the Cirque du Soleil performance. But was disappointed that only 2 songs were nominated in the best original song category. How is that possible? Usually you have 5 nominees for each, right? Very strange.

What I also liked was that the order of the categories was a little different than in most years. No wonder the guy with the long white hair (I think his name was Richardson) was suprised that cinematography came first. I remember from last year or 2 years ago that the supporting actor/actress categories used to come at the beginning. It's good to shake things up a little : )

And that's really all now (I hope).

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