Freitag, 18. November 2005

First snow!

The title says it all, more or less. We've had the first snowfall of the year this afternoon. It looks pretty, all the trees outside are covered in white. I'm still at work. Don't know if it snowed where I live, too (about 30 km/20 miles away), but I think so. Hope I'll get home safely. My car has Winterreifen (tires for winter) already, but you never know.


  1. We had our first snow on Thursday, but thankfully, it melted away by Friday. We'll get hit again in a week or so, and then it will be winter here.

  2. Got home safely (otherwise I wouldn't be posting, haha). Driving was no problem, it wasn't slippery at all, but it took a while to brush all the snow off my car before I could start driving.

    At my parents' place, it hadn't snowed, but it did a little today. All melted away by now, though.


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