Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2005

My Christmas presents

My sister gave me exactly what I wanted – well, almost: Vanilla Spice shower gel from The Body Shop that I’d heard about from jeopardygirl. She was right, it smells absolutely delicious! It’s a quite big bottle although I only wanted the smallest one there is, but it’s okay. I filled some of it into another bottle and I’ll give that to me best friend so she can try it, too. My sister also gave me a coupon for a make-up session/consultation (or whatever you call that) cos she’d heard me complain that I wish I knew how to apply eye shadow correctly etc. I’m so glad she did that and I’ll try to get an appointment asap.

I also got a new set of 1000 piece Thomas Kinkade puzzles. I think the colours are a bit different than in the pictures I've uploaded. I love them, but I’m afraid they’ll be very hard to do cos they’re … well, not exactly monochromatic, but there just aren’t as many different colours as in non-winter pictures where you have green grass, blue sky, trees and flowers of all sorts of colours etc. Oh well … we’ll see how it goes. Here's what they look like:

I also got the first season of Lost on DVD. I have watched parts of the extra features already (the ones under the heading “Departure”) and totally loved them, especially Matthew Fox’s photographs from the set and him talking about them. J.J. burning his unlucky red and white shorts was fun to watch, too.

And I got a lovely calendar with photographs of Canada. It’s a calendar with one postcard for each week. I’ve had this type of calendar for years. (It’s the Harenberg Sehnsuchts-Kalender if you want to know exactly.) It always sits on my desk and I’ve already got loads of postcards of Ireland, Scotland, England, Denmark, Sweden, the USA, Australia and Tuscany. Don’t ask me what I’ll do with all these postcards. I just like having them. I’m a hamster (or a pack rat or whatever you call that) and I can’t throw anything away.

As to what I gave to other people, my sister got the Harry Potter 5 audio book. I've never heard any of them, although they're supposed to be very good. Have to ask her to bring it with her tomorrow so I can listen to it for a bit.

My parents got towels that match the colours in their redecorated bathroom from me and my sister.

My colleagues at work got candle holders and what my friends are getting I'm not saying.

3 Kommentare:

  1. You'll be glad for the big bottle after you use it. It'll make you smell like gingerbread for hours! Oh, and thank you for the lovely card and postcards of your town. It was really amazing to see where you live. I promise to send you some postcards of London soon.

  2. You're welcome (for the cards). I forgot to say thanks for the photo of you and Esso when I mentioned your card in a comment in your blog. So, thanks! I really like the photo! You 2 look happy!

  3. Sonja: Where the hell are you? E-mail me, would ya?


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