Sonntag, 8. Januar 2006

Random things, about New Year's Eve, mostly

First of all, happy belated new year!

Next, I don’t want to get into trouble for posting pics that don’t belong to me, so I’d like to say that I found all those I posted on the web. Copyright to the actor pics goes to the networks and for the puzzles to Schmidt Spiele or Thomas Kinkade. Very interesting, right? ;-)

What else? I had a good new year’s eve. I’ve had ones spent at home just eating and watching TV. One year I even ended up crying in bed. That wasn’t fun at all. But this year I visited my best friend and we celebrated at another friend’s dorm. We ate lots of food and had fun. I didn’t have time to get depressed and I was happy about that. At midnight, we went out on the street cos my friend’s boyfriend wanted to shoot some fireworks, but I got very scared from the noise and smoke. I even thought some part would fall on my head. I’ve been outside on new year’s eves before and never thought that. Very strange. So I went back to the dorm and watched the fireworks from outside my friend’s apartment and waited for the others to come back.

In other news, I hate my computer. My DVD drive won’t work except for 2 minutes right after booting the computer. Now I can’t watch the DVDs I got cos my DVD player can’t play them either. Grrr. Also, my beloved Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client has been behaving very strangely for a while. I think it started when I set it up to receive e-mails from my Googlemail account with it. Double grrr.

That’s it for now. I wanted to post something else, but I can’t do that yet cos I haven’t found a certain picture I need to make the post funny.

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