Sonntag, 29. Januar 2006

Lost and found

Remember I wrote about the CDs I was missing when I tried to sort my CD collection alphabetically about a week ago? (I think that post was in German.) Well, guess what? I found the CDs! I went upstairs into the room where most of my stuff is stored (I moved back in with my parents more than a year ago and my bedroom isn't big enough for all my things.) to look for them. First, I couldn't find them at all, but when I was about to leave the room, there was this big blue box that I hadn't looked in yet and I opened it, and there they were! All 3 LotR soundtracks, Robbie Williams, R.E.M., Savage Garden and some others. Cool.

I also found other things in the box, among them the Fossil watch I'd been looking for for ages. Yay!

So what do we learn from this: I don't lose things, I just forget where I put them (which is probably almost as frustrating as actually losing them, but I can't help it).

3 Kommentare:

  1. I hate losing stuff, for about a month I could not find my ipod sock and then it turned up last night in my dressing gown pocket!

  2. I googled "ipod sock" cos I didn't know what that is. Looks cute.

    Oh, and dressing gown pockets are typical places for losing things like hairbands or hair ties in.

  3. actually, I find it more frustrating knowing that I have something I can't find as opposed to losing it altogether.

    I don't have a dressing gown anymore...I kept leaving tissues in the pockets and then finding my laundry full of papery lint. sigh.


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