Freitag, 27. Januar 2006

My desktop

I thought I’d post a screenshot of my desktop as it is at the moment. I love customizing things, i.e. I like skinnable applications. I wanted to be able to have more than the desktop themes Windows XP offers, so I downloaded a patch that let’s me change the styles, or designs, as they’re called in XP (I think). Uh-oh, it seems I don’t really know the vocabulary to talk about this stuff in English. But I’ll try.

Anyway, my current visual style (of which you don't really see a lot except for the taskbar) is one that makes the computer look a bit like an Apple, or looks like OS X or whatever. It’s called Milk Redux and is by KoL and Dragonblade. Where I found the wallpaper I can’t remember.

The calendar is Rainlendar with AeroLendar skin. (Oh, when looking up the URL of the Rainlendar site, I noticed I haven't got the latest version of RL ... must update soon ...)

The dock icons are from ObjectDock, but the dock itself is a different one. I love the dock, it’s so much prettier than having icons all over the desktop.
If you’re looking for skins and all sorts of computer art, I can really recommend DeviantArt.

2 Kommentare:

  1. That's really cool, kiddo. I'm not half so well-versed in computer stuff to do anything like that!

  2. Thanks! : ) I didn't really "do" anything, though, i.e. I didn't create any of the skins or the wallpaper. I just download stuff and use it. *shrug*

    If you want to "enhance" your desktop and need help, let me know, okay?


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