Donnerstag, 3. April 2008

As always ...

... wow, no new post for more than a month, that's really bad. As always, work got the better of me. I could probably work 24/7 and still wouldn't get everything done. Argh. The "new guy" does help, though. And I get along with him quite well.

In my defense, I must say that I did write something new last Sunday but then my internet connection at home broke down before I could post it and I forgot to save the text to my USB stick so I can't post it from the office.

I know that part of what I wrote was a list of new songs I like. Hm, let me see if I can remember them ...

Melee - Built to last. Band's from California but they sound very British. Piano pop rock, similar to Coldplay and Keane, so that's right up my alley. My absolute favourite song at the moment. The chorus goes like this:
So this is real and this is good
Warms my insides just like it should
But most of all, most of all
It's built to last

Newton Faulkner - Dream catch me. British guy with weird blonde rasta hair. Has a unique way a playing/plucking the guitar.

Hm, those are the only good ones I can think of right now. Whatever ...

What else? Went to see Horton hears a Who! at the movies and enjoyed it very much. Very colourful and imaginative (is that a word??) and not just for kids. Cute. And I saw the trailer/preview for Made of Honor (in Germany it will be called Verliebt in die Braut, which means "In love with the bride"), which is Patrick Dempsey's new romantic comedy. It comes out in May. Can't wait. Love the McDreamy : )

And last, but not least: April weather sucks.

2 Kommentare:

  1. Hey Sonja, you're about as productive, blog-wise, as I have been lately.
    Ahh, full time jobs-- will we ever get used to it?

    Anyway, this morning I heard the new REM single... and realised that it sounded exactly like any other REM single. I wouldn't have guessed that it is a new song? Did you hear that too? What do you think?

    Oh, and: have a nice week!

  2. That's what one of my colleagues always says about R.E.M., hehe. I guess it's true ... but I still like R.E.M.. Not so much that I would buy the whole album, but they're better than many other bands.

    Good week to you too!! I have the Monday Blues today ... everything's slow and not much fun ...


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