Sonntag, 20. April 2008

New music

Here we go again with the song recs:

The Kooks – Always where I need to be. Gets me in a good mood.

Panic! at the Disco – Nine in the afternoon.
They look like they’re 12, but the song is good.

Plain White T’s – Our time now.
Completely different from their first single Hey there Delilah. This rocks.

Hoosiers – Worried about Ray
as well as Goodbye Mr. A. Fun stuff. Upbeat pop-rock. Yay.

One Republic - Stop and Stare: Had a huge hit with Apologize. This is the follow-up and I like it better. Very catchy.

Sunrise Avenue - Choose to be me. Makes me jump around my living room every Sunday afternoon.

3 Doors Down: It's not my time. This one rocks as well. Great.

Daughtry: Over You. Follow-up to It's not over and even better than that. Love it. I'm turning into a rock-chick .... seriously ...

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