Freitag, 2. März 2007

Germany’s Next Topmodel, Season 2

The new season started last night on ProSieben. From the 15 girls remaining in yesterday’s episode (I think they started with the best 100 girls or something), there are 6 that stood out to me:

Biggest bitch: Anni, 21A blonde girl with quite dark and long eyebrows. You can see she’s very ambitious and competitive and very full of herself, i.e. she thinks she already knows how to walk and pose etc. Reminds me of Jamie King from Pearl Harbor.

Biggest drama queen: Fiona, 18A brunette who forgot the choreography when the girls had to do a sort of fashion show during halftime on the pitch of a soccer stadium. She was the first in line and walked straight from one side of the pitch to the other, instead of turning around in the middle, as Bruce Darnell, their catwalk coach, had told them. She made a huge thing out of it afterwards, i.e. she was mad at herself for not remembering the correct way. Part of me thinks she did wrong on purpose just so she could become the center of attention.

My favourites so far:
Sophie, 17, a very shy brunette with pretty dark blue eyes
Hana, 21, typical Slavic beauty with high cheekbones and sensual lips (think Eva Herzigova with brown hair)
Enyerlina, 25, an exotic beauty from the Dominican Republic. Seems really nice and I hope her age won’t be a problem.
Milla, 20, also quite exotic-looking, i.e. with darker skin and hair (not your typical German girl, in other words). She’s half-Chinese, according to the website.

At the end of the show I thought how shallow this whole competition is. And I’m sure many of the girls have eating disorders, although the jury (lead by Heidi Klum) does make a point of telling them to eat properly and last year did kick out one girl because she was too skinny. To my defense, I do consider the personality of the girls. But the season has just started and they’re not living together in the big house yet so you couldn’t find out too much about their personalities yet.

Sorry, don't know how to post pics of the girl, but at least here's a link to the show's website:

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