Donnerstag, 1. März 2007

Best new songs

Sasha – Lucky Day
Mika – Grace Kelly
Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby
Jennifer Lopez – Que hiciste

Just my opinion, and it could change quickly cos last week I didn't like Grace Kelly yet.

Didn't think I'd ever put a J.Lo song in such a list, but I like Spanish stuff and the song's very catchy and has a good beat.

As to Sasha, concert recap will follow. The short version is that the crowd was extremely well-behaved (unlike what I was used to from NKOTB, Take That or Robbie Williams concerts), maybe even a little too un-enthusiastic for my taste, but it was okay. Sasha had a very bad cold, but was in a good mood (which was not because it was the last concert of his Greatest Hits tour, I hope). If my sister hadn't almost fainted in the middle of it all, it would have been a perfect night. But as it was, I had to drag her outside and find a paramedic, and I was feeling dizzy myself. She was okay again soon and we went back inside, but we had to watch the remaining 4 songs from the back which was way less fun than from the front where we'd been before (not the first row, but about 4 meters from the stage right where his microphone stand was). Um yes, maybe that was the long version already? Those who know me that I tend to ramble on and on. I do have more to say, so maybe some more things will follow. Blah.

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