Freitag, 16. März 2007

Germany’s Next Topmodel – Update

After 3 episodes, the situation is like this:

Enyerlina, who I really liked at first, turned out to be the biggest bitch of all. She took the whole “competition” idea way too seriously and tried to cheat in several ways. In ep 3, which aired yesterday, she was dismissed because she looked the same in all photos or something like that.

Fiona is still a drama queen, but she seems to be a nice girl all in all.

Anni definitely still is a bitch. If looks could kill, everyone on the show would be dead already.

Sophie, who IMO was a bit of a dark horse, left the show in ep 2. It seems she had some problems with her parents because she missed school due to her participation in the show. If you ask me, GNTM is a one in a million chance and having to repeat one school year isn’t the end of the world. And it really seemed Sophie wanted to stay. Heidi Klum didn’t even offer to talk to her parents about their concerns. She just said okay and goodbye and asked the other girls if they were thinking about quitting, too. One other girl raised her hand and left, too.

So, who’s my favourite now? I’m not sure. There’s a girl called Aneta who I didn’t really like at first, but she seems to be from the place where I went to university so I like her for that.

Next week, the girls will get make-overs, i.e. new haircuts. That’s always exciting.

Oh, and BTW, I think there should be a “Next Male Topmodel” show, just for the eye candy. Hehe.

As to me, my ankle is getting better. Still have a bandage but I can walk without limping. The bad thing is, this week I’ve been feeling very tired many times at work. Almost fell asleep at the doctor’s yesterday when I was sitting on a gurney (?) waiting for the doc to come and look at my foot. It’s normal for me to feel tired in the afternoon, but this week it’s been starting around 10 or 11 a.m. Not funny. Must get some sleep on the weekend.

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