Donnerstag, 29. März 2007

New music recs

Lots of good new songs this week:

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Desecration Smile – another catchy one after the one that won’t go away (yes, Snow)

Snow Patrol: Shut your eyes – took a while but I like it now. Have the album at home, should really listen to it more

Reamonn: Serpentine – they’re a German band with an Irish singer that’s been around for a couple of years and I’m liking them more and more

Kim Wilde: Together we belong – good catchy pop

Michael Bublé: Everything – he’s got a very recognizable and beautiful voice. The song sounds a lot like Norah Jones (which is meant positively)

Fergie: Big girls don’t cry – would never have guessed it’s her. It’s a ballad and she sounds like Natasha Bedingfield or Sugababes or something. Definitely better than her uptempo rhythmic/urban stuff.

Take That: Reach out – as la la la as all songs on their album. Fluffy happy sing-along pop.

Daughtry: Home and It’s not over – had no idea who that is. According to Wikipedia, he was on American Idol. Think Nickelback, The Calling etc.

Incubus: Love hurts – catchy rock ballad from a band that usually makes heavier music, I think

Christina Stürmer: Scherbenmeer - she's an Austrian singer who also started in a casting show. Really good angry song.

Also new, but not so good:

Pink: Dear Mr. President – sounds like a rip-off of Not ready to make nice by the Dixie Chicks

Bon Jovi: Make a memory – pretty lame

Erasure: I could fall in love with you – I recognized them immediately and the song’s not too bad, but seriously, we don’t need a comeback from them, do we?

As always, I might change my mind tomorrow : )

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