Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

andthatswhoiam - TV & Movie edition

A few days ago I found a post in provinzkindchen's blog consisting of pics taken from this tumblr blog.

I liked the idea, went over to the tumblr page and looked at everything from top to bottom (which took quite a while because there's so much!) - and saved all  those pics I liked, i.e. those that apply to me.

Here are the TV and film themed ones (some with my comments below):

Love both book and movies. Aragorn is my hero.

The later seasons with Rory at college were not so good anymore, but overall it was a fantastic show.

I watch it for the ships, not the doctor stuff.

It's over now, but it was good and kept its quality level until the end, IMO.

My fave TV couple at the moment! Love the whole cast. Rick/Nathan is awesome.

I'm too old for highschool drama, but I like the songs.

New Girl is such a funny show!

 2 unlike friends that have grown on me. And I've always liked shows set in Boston.

 I watch this one for the ships, too, not for the zombies. I've only seen the first season and the beginning of the 2nd one, I think.

Must finish watching the first season.

I love costume dramas.

This is fun. More posts like this to follow.

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